Ethnic Online Network helps agencies succeed by helping their clients succeed. We help their clients succeed by providing direct access to more quality online media than any other network. Our sensitivity to the needs of agencies is apparent in everything from our content controls and strict site classifications, to our flexible processes and rapid response times. We understand that accountability is key to your relationships with clients, and likewise, it is key to our relationship with you. We work directly with your media planners, providing them with the data they need to effectively develop client campaigns. From detailed channel demographics to reach and frequency figures, our account managers will get you the information you need, when you need it. Our ultimate goal is to exceed your expectations and to deliver results that make you shine in the eyes of your clients.

Benefits of working with Ethnic Online Network:

Dynamic optimization : Ethnic Online Network's ad serving technology automatically learns what users, sites, and sections are responding best to your campaign and dynamically raises it's bid for those criteria to maximize the value of your marketing spend and improve your marketing results.

Rich targeting : Ethnic Online Network encourages advertisers to use rich media. To make sure your media has maximium productivity we provide a full set of targeting options including 30+ content channels, country, DMA, language, browser type, daypart, and bandwidth speed

Effective and response client service : At Ethnic Online Network great client service is one its core values. Advertisers depend on Ethnic Online Network to be responsive and helpful and help clients achieve their marketing goals.


Ethnic Online Network provides 2 solutions for advertisers to market their brands and products:

Ethnic Online Network CPM network

The Ethnic Online Network CPM Network is an ad network providing premium advertising opportunities for marketers. It is comprised of thousands of premium quality websites segmented into 20+ content categories. Ethnic Online Network works to provide advertisers with rich, targeted ways to engage with consumers and and engage them in their brand dialog.

Ethnic Online Network CPC / CPL network

The Ethnic Online Network CPC / CPL Network is the solution for direct marketers who are focused on reaching consumers ready to act and sign up or subscribe to a particular service or product. This solution works best for publishers who have significant budgets and want to work on a performance basis. Ethnic Online Network's ad platform optimizes the placements of your ads where they are performing best and driving increased results. Ethnic Online Network provides advertisers with direct access to the highest quality media inventory on the web. We supplement our media offering with a comprehensive suite of technologies and services that deliver, track and optimize on-line advertising campaigns for maximum response. Whether your goal is to increase brand lift or to generate on-the-spot sales, we can put together a media program that is precisely crafted to your needs.